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12th February 2016
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To share or not to share


As publishers, you have a lot to gain in using social media platforms. It has been proven time and again that social media can be a great way to increase the traffic you are generating to your site, as well as stay in touch with your base of followers and most faithful fans. It is however not always easy to know what to share and what to write in order to stand out of the myriad of posts and content being posted every day.

Here are few ideas that may help you in your social media/content strategy:

– Live video streaming: Gif and other visual-based content will be very popular for brands in 2016. Small and bigger businesses will create more and more videos either to humanize their brands or to share information with their clients. As a publisher you might not have the means to create your own videos, but you could use Gif or images in order to complete your content and make it stand out. Instagram and Pinterest are image-based social media platforms, but you could also use videos and Gifs on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Reaction Gifs are already very popular and their usage has been growing steadily since 2010 (See Google Trend and Buffer Social). Twitter has been testing an in-stream Gif option on their side, similar to Facebook (Social media today).

– Don’t hesitate to give your opinion and avoid repeating what other sites are saying. Strong and controversial opinions might entice people to click on your links in order to check what you have to say. Just make sure that you checked your facts before publishing any content.

– Create and share useful content that will be easily used and shared by your followers. A post that is retweeted or shared on Facebook will reach more than your usual follower’s base and it is a great opportunity to make your site known by a large amount of people.

– Don’t forget to check where you audience spends most of their time on social media platforms. Check where your followers are the most reactive and the most active and try to prioritise your efforts on their preferred social media platform.

– Use sponsored post opportunities on Facebook and Twitter to get your content out there. The functionalities are quite straight-forward and easy to use. You can pre-decide who you want to target and how much budget you want to spend.

– A lot of social media users are accessing their accounts through their mobile phones nowadays. Make sure that your site is also mobile compliant as users will be disappointed if they click on your link on social media and land on a page they can’t read.

Social media can be quite tricky, but if you follow simple guidelines and create interesting content, it will already give you an advantage. So find your topic, go on the net and start your research.


Caroline Pourteyron – Head of Operations

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