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The latest on SEO


In our industry, staying on top of technical innovations and updates is critical. With SEO, changes in the field can have a direct implication on how a business will perform.

Google implement frequent updates and do not always inform their users. Actively looking and finding information on SEO related matters is very important and can spare you some nasty surprises and trouble. Let’s take a look at some of the newest SEO trends this year:

Voice search and what this means for SEO:

The rise in interactive & verbal searches means that there is a need for SEO professionals to incorporate longer-tailed keywords into queries. It might be important to create phrases corresponding to how people will ask questions verbally, in contrary to how people write search queries on Google (Onlineoptimism). According to Google 1 out of 5 searches are already made via voice query and the numbers can only grow with the rise of this technology.

Images and video searches

We saw in a previous article that videos and images are getting more and more interest from the public. Internet users will be searching for specific images and videos as well as articles and websites. It is increasingly important to pay attention to the SEO content of these files if you want them to appear in Google search results.

Mobile-first index rolling out in 2018

More than a year ago, Google announced that they would opt for a mobile-first indexing, and will start favouring sites built with a mobile-first strategy. However, the rolling out of this type of indexing happened only for few websites while Google was monitoring the results. Since March 2018, Google has started to roll out this new indexing version to ALL sites and explained that they will now use the mobile version of every site for indexing and ranking.

Website quality

In March 2018, Google made an important update that influenced the ranking of many sites, which concentrated on website quality. Website quality ranked according to a few different factors such as loading time, technical items like 404 errors, internal links, backlinks and many more. Google really wants to reward sites who are providing quality content and experience. They will carry on doing updates to try to fight spammy sites, 404 errors and bot traffic. So better get those ducks in a row!

Page indexing

Google decides which site’s pages are more relevant for their users and the page that is ranking higher than another might not be the one you want to be displayed on Google search result. It is important to have a look at your site’s pages and make sure that the quality of content on these pages is high. A smaller amount of high quality content pages is better than many pages with low quality content.

The rise of featured snippets

Featured snippets have become more and more prominent in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). As per, “Featured Snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box.”

They “aim at answering the user’s question right away (hence their other well-known name, “answer boxes”). Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results.”

Featured snippets have a better click-through rate and help sites generate a higher amount of visits. Optimising your content for featured snippets can give you a great advantage on other brands and websites and can help increase your own traffic.

Upcoming breakfast seminar – 14th June

Be sure to book the 14th June in your diaries for our next breakfast seminar which will again be hosted at the iconic Grand Daddy Hotel on Long Street in Cape Town. We have invited some great speakers who represent all segments of the affiliate industry to join us and share their experiences, successes and challenges with our audience. We hope to see many of you there!

See you soon.

Caroline Pourteyron – Head of Operations

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