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The Ad Tech race

Daniel-Gross-Sept15It’s incredible what pace the display ad world is developing at. Newer and more sophisticated technologies are being released faster than most of us can keep up with. It’s a very different landscape from only a few years ago. However, in the quest to solve all the problems, we’ve created a new challenge: how to merge all those bits and pieces (and its data) into one consolidated platform. To online advertisers and publishers the world around, this could be the equivalent of the holy grail.

Ad Tech company AppNexus has created a new visualisation to show where various leading players in the sector are in the race to a single solution for display advertising. I wanted to share this with you, because although we are a performance marketing network, it applies to many of our clients and publishers. The infographic depicts where forerunning ad tech companies lie in terms of marketplace activity and capabilities, many of which have been gained through acquisition.


You may already be using one of these, and be very happy with the current solution. Or perhaps you are considering changing – then this information would be worth considering. But whoever you’re using, I think it’s safe to say the next year or two will be very interesting as these giants fight it out for the no 1 spot. The ripple-effect this will have will be felt far and wide, and will force many of us to change, rethink, adapt and innovate – and that’s probably not a bad thing. I for one will be watching this list very closely.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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