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25th February 2019

Understanding Intelligent Optimization

The terms SEO and Optimization are nothing new and we’ve covered both topics extensively in the past. While having a well-executed SEO strategy is vital for […]
25th February 2019

Most important SEO trends in 2019

New year, new challenges and for any affiliate/online marketing professional staying on top of the latest SEO trends and changes should be high on the priority […]
31st January 2019

New program! Bobums swimming & beach products

The Bobums micro-fibre swimming and beach products program is now live on the network. Bobums products are quick drying, lightweight and made from durable micro-fibre and […]
28th January 2019

AdMarula CEO, Daniel Gross, interviewed on current and future trends in digital marketing Editor, Ditsa Keren, recently interviewed our CEO, Daniel Gross, on the current and future trend in digital marketing.
26th November 2018

Thankful for every moment

Seeing as this is our last edition for the year, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to my team (they are such […]
1st November 2018

New program! Zando’s baby shop – Twinkle

Shoppers can enjoy the special moments between them and their little ones for longer by shopping essential items in Zando’s new baby shop – Twinkle. Customers will […]
13th June 2018

New program! CrashDetech

The CrashDetech affiliate program is now live on AdMarula. CrashDetech is a revolutionary life-saving app which runs silently in the background of your phone. It automatically detects […]
16th May 2018

The latest on SEO

In our industry, staying on top of technical innovations and updates is critical. With SEO, changes in the field can have a direct implication on how […]
16th May 2018

Interview with Jenni Baxter from SA People

This month we interview Jenni Baxter, Co-founder and Editor at, a community site which connects, celebrates and matches South Africans in South Africa and around […]
19th April 2018

POPI and what online merchants need to know

We’ve all fallen victim to unsollicited emails, phone calls and mail even though we were sure we ticked (or unticked) the right boxes. But there is […]
14th March 2018

Why size doesn’t always matter

As an online merchant your primary goal with any kind of marketing activity is ultimately to drive online sales – with a healthy margin. When it […]