Social Performance Marketing

What is Social Performance?

Social media has become the main reason why people access the internet. 93% of SA’s top brands are using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, but who is actually getting it right? In order to maximize your social performance, your social strategy has to be in line with overall business and communication objectives. Performance and social strategy must go hand in hand.
AdMarula’s system is able to track the entire commerce journey from first click or ‘Like’ to conversion.


Social Commerce

As a brand, have you ever asked the question, what is my social purpose? There are of course many answers – brand awareness, because everyone else is, to generate leads, to sell my product – some valid some not. Without understanding your social purpose and how it ties in with your business objectives, it is very difficult to maximize your social commerce journey.


Our social commerce experts can work with you and your team to help achieve your objectives through;

  • Workshops & training - The where: a healthcheck on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Social strategy - The what: what is your social purpose and objectives, what channels are best for your business?
  • Campaign implementation - The how: overall campaign implementation including detailed analytics and reporting.

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Narrow the gap from intent to purchase with Social Performance

Our Social Commerce experts work with you to define your social purpose, and track the entire commerce journey from 1st click or Like, to conversion.