Report Back: Breakfast Seminar, 14th June, Cape Town

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Report Back: Breakfast Seminar, 14th June, Cape Town


AdMarula held its first seminar of the year on the 14th of June at the Grand Daddy hotel in Cape Town.

It was a morning filled with invaluable knowledge and experience sharing, thanks to guest speakers Warren LaRey from Faithful to Nature, Amanda Stergianos from SA People and Cheryl Ingram from TDMC.

Here follows some of the highlights for those of you who could not attend.

Warren LaRey, CMO at Faithful to Nature Warren-de-larey

Warren told us about the story behind Faithful to Nature and how they managed to grow the brand while staying true to their ethos. He pointed out that gaining customers’ trust is very important as it helps the brand to retain and grow their customer base.

On the publisher side, one of the biggest learnings has been that publishers need to be professional in their interactions with a brand and keep their words. This is essential for brands to build trust in publishers and be assusured that good value will be derived from their campaigns.

Another very interesting point was that publishers needed to hustle and never give up when they really wanted to work with a brand. There are different ways to reach the brand you want to work with, but one of the easiest way is to contact AdMarula with your ideas and we’ll contact the brand on your behalf and pitch your idea to them.

Finally, Warren mentioned that publishers needed to define who they are and what audience they want to reach. There is more value for a brand when the blog audience is clear and well defined instead of too broad. Choosing a specific niche and topic and having a well-defined target audience is more valuable for brands than sites who are aiming their content at too many people.

Vintage-EtcAmanda Stergianos, SA people co-founder and owner of Vintage-etc

Amanda started her talk by telling our audience that being a successful publisher can take time and that there are obstacles along the way, but that it is important not to give up. A failed idea or business does not mean that the next one will not be successful.

Sharing her knowledge, she explained how SA People managed to grow their audience to the size they have now.

The first thing that helped them create a faithful audience was to write about true stories as they happened. Their stories came from their own writers as well as other bloggers, press statement, press releases, their community of users and Reuters.

SA people have managed to monetise their site through different sources of income including Google AdSense, Syndicated articles, sponsorship & partnerships, and affiliate marketing. Amanda pointed out that offering different packages/options to clients can make a difference and that these packages need to be visible on the sites so that anybody can find them without having to ask via email.

SA people uses different tools in its day-to-day work, for example One Signal for push notifications (which shouldn’t be used too often), for branding and crediting, Banner rotator plugin, Yoast SEO (WordPress plugin), Hootsuite for social media post scheduling and other social media needs.

TDMCCheryl Ingram, Founder and director at TDMC

TDMC is an agency based in Durban, which was started 5 years ago by Cheryl Ingram, former UK Commercial Director for Commission Junction (Value Click). TDMC is managing the MRP digital account and is working with other brands like Boardriders, Salomon, and Pam Golding to only name a few.

Speaking about her agency experience, Cheryl mentioned that businesses firstly need a solid acquisition strategy, and once that is in place they need to identify which channels would work for them and bring the most customers.

The TDMC team typically start by defining and profiling the brand’s target audience customers. They also try to pin point where and at which time these customers will be available to receive various marketing messages.

Cheryl also pointed out that even if customers’ acquisition is a volume game, it is important to know that quality customers are more important than quantity and that it is vital to understand the value of acquired visitors.

Cheryl finally said that often brands did not realise that a channel that works for one brand is not necessarily going to work for their brand. Brands need to adjust their strategies depending on results and a fair amount of trial and error needs to happen, especially if there is not a lot of historical data.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about any of these points at

Happy selling!

Caroline Pourteyron – Head of Operations

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