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13th June 2016
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13th June 2016
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Payday loans to face Google ban


As you may already know, Google recently decided to ban payday loans from their advertising platform. The ban will apply to companies offering loans that are due between 30 and 60 days and will take effect on the 13th of July 2016. Companies offering traditional loans like car, home, student, commercial and revolving loans will not be affected by the changes.

So what does this mean for publishers and advertisers alike?

Google will no longer authorise publishers and advertisers to bid on the “payday loans” keyword and its variants. This means that publishers and advertisers will have to find new ways to get to their audiences and make themselves known to the public. This will definitely have a big financial impact for companies who didn’t get ready for that eventuality and for which AdWords and GDN were a major revenue stream.

What to do?

One of the solutions would be to invest in a long term SEO strategy and put time, money and resources towards organic search. It will be more and more important to build a long-term content strategy and try to get your content on as many sites and platforms as possible. Advertisers and publishers alike will need to improve their visibility via comparison sites, news profiles and optimise other marketing channels like Affiliate Marketing for example.

If you would like to have more information on Google paid ads, you can have a look at the Google Blog and the Google AdWords policy. You can of course also contact your AdMarula team for questions and assistance.

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