Location Marketing: The hottest topic right now

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21st June 2017
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Location Marketing: The hottest topic right now


We certainly live in exciting times. The radical advances made in technology in just the past decade is astonishing, and the impact this has had on the advertising and marketing industry is historical, unprecedented. Gone are the days where brands put out adverts far and wide and trust/hope that x number of eyes will see their message, and maybe/maybe not act on it.

Today’s consumers expect to find what they want and need at the click of a button. For brands, this means having a clear understanding and insight into where their consumers are, where they have been and where they are going. Luckily this is completely possible now thanks to the introduction of smartphones, hence why location marketing is now (or at least it should be) at the top of every marketer’s list.

By using the power of real-time location, marketers can finally stop guessing and instead reach the right audience based on the actual places they visit, in turn influencing where they will go next. Creating ads that feature location messaging and proximity targeting can drive an increase in consumer engagement and sales. Combining data on consumer product searches and past purchase with location data, is like the holy grail for advertisers.

The concept of location based marketing (LBM) is simple and something marketers need to understand and implement as soon as possible. Using and adapting marketing strategies to mobile, allows marketers to target mobile users by their geographic location, in real-time. To truly understand what their interests and motivations are, you first need to understand where they spend their time on a daily basis, over the period of a month.

Some people may feel LBM is invasive, it can be, if done incorrectly. Location based marketing works best when ads are convenient and people are shown what they are actually interested in. Ad blocking remains a threat to the advertising industry so it is important now more than ever to deliver relevant ads to the right people.

With LBM, in essence, you must focus your attention on loyal customers. These are the customers that you have data about and those whom have chosen to opt in to receive your communications. When a loyal customer enters the location you are targeting, imagine if they received a personalised push notification on their mobile about an offer you are running instore or online today. How could they not be tempted to visit or log on to check it out?

It is only a matter of time before all marketers are attracted by the opportunity to achieve more relevant and engaging campaigns through new personalisation techniques like location based marketing. So get ahead of your competitors and start today.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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