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21st June 2017
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Why publishers should use LBM


With the increasing amount of smart phones, it is now easier to know where people are at any given time. Most smart phones have their geo location function on, as people use their phones to get directions or other important information based on where they are.

With email marketing and SMS it was always possible to send marketing information depending on the users’ address. This is good, but isn’t very precise as subscribers could give false addresses, or could be at work and far from their home and vice versa.

With the appearance of mobile apps, location based marketing (LBM) has reached a higher level of accuracy. When downloading an app, users generally have to opt in to receive notifications and have to share their GPS location. It is then possible to determine where a user is through their GPS coordinates or their IP at any given time. This gives marketers and publishers a new insight over their customers and allows them to send even more targeted marketing content as they can now markets products or events available in a specific location.

This technology can also help publishers to offer highly targeted content to their readers as they are now able to send specific content depending on their readers’ location. Publishers who have access to this information are also able to leverage this data when they negotiate with advertisers. The more information available on their customers, the more they can send targeted ads through push notifications and only target users in the area that interests marketers.

App development is still a costly effort but it is also possible to access user location through websites. Location can be determined with browsers supported by the W3C geolocation API (Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and up, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and up, Google Chrome 5.0 and up etc…) but the users also need to give permission to give geolocation data. ( Once the publisher has access to their readers’ location, it is also possible to send push notification as long as your readers gave their consent (

Like email marketing or sms, the most important is to get the users’ approval to access their geo location information. Once this is done, this information can be used by publishers to send relevant content and offer marketers extremely targeted marketing campaigns. So be sure to add this to your site strategy sooner rather than later.

Happy selling and enjoy the winter school break!

Caroline Pourteyron – Head of Operations

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