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Keeping offers current and real


As an affiliate marketer, the amount of offers proposed by advertisers might sometimes be a bit overwhelming, especially during the period approaching the festive season.

Campaigns go live, stop and sometimes go live again in a short period of time. However, following these offers and making sure that sites are up to date at all times are extremely important.

Online consumers are often looking for the best deals, and having out of date or erroneous discounts and offers on a site might have some serious sales repercussions for the advertisers, networks like AdMarula, as well as the publisher whose site displayed the offer.

Following the South African Consumer Act Protection Act, if a product is advertised at a certain price or a promotion is advertised without a specified time, the advertiser has the obligation to sell the item at the presented price or has the obligation to offer the advertised promotion. If the promotion has been advertised on a publisher’s site by mistake, in order to increase traffic, or if the promotion hasn’t been taken down because the publisher forgot to take the banners down, the same obligation applies to the advertiser.

Outside of the monetary consequences, wrong advertising can also have negative effects on the brand’s online reputation. Unsatisfied and angry consumers can easily go to consumer sites or social media and add comments that will be available online and linked to the brand forever.

In some rare cases, publishers can decide to use misleading advertising in order to get a quick gain, but this is not without consequences. In the US, an affiliate network has been found guilty of deceptive marketing and ordered to pay over $ 11 million in fines. Some of the network’s affiliate marketers created false news sites in order to promote LeanSpa, LLC, a company selling health products (PerformanceIN).

In the long run, having accurate information on your site is a much better strategy as users will be able to trust the information on your site and will more than likely come back.

AdMarula will always provide updated information necessary to run a campaign effectively. Keep informed and look at the emails sent on a regular basis, it will help you stay on top of things and be aware of the latest offers and changes.

Caroline Pourteyron – Head of Operations

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