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Interview with Chia Kougianos


Our May profile is Chia Kougianos, MC, presenter and Editor at The, an online magazine featuring SA Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment. As a former journalist and photographer, she has been in the publishing and magazine industry for the past 12 years and experienced the shift from print to online first hand.

Describe yourself in 3 words

It would have to be spontaneous, playful and of course a socialite.

What do you enjoy most about working in online publishing?

I love the immediacy of it all and how current it is. You have the ability to share content with your audience at a mere click of a button. I also enjoy being able to reach such a wide audience as it opens your audience up from being local to international.

What are the main differences between print and online?

I’ve had the opportunity to work in both mediums and it’s always a pleasure having longer deadlines in print. When you work on a monthly print magazine there’s just that added little time difference as opposed to online campaigns and daily content deadlines.

Will printed magazines still exist 10 years from now?

I wish that they would as there’s a whole different feeling to flipping through a glossy magazine or holding a newspaper in your hands than that of a digital copy browsing on an iPad. I have a monthly column in the Sunday Tribune and it’s a great feeling to hold the hard copy in your hands when it’s published as opposed to sourcing it online.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for digital marketers today?

I have found that the biggest challenge has been to educate older members of management in companies the value of going digital as well as what some of the benefits are. More often than not brand managers are keen on a campaign ideas but the sign off is up to senior management who are unfamiliar with the world of digital and its benefits as opposed to classic marketing methods and print mediums.

How does differ from other Fashion & Lifestyle sites?

The reason The Socialite is unique is that we are the only online publication to see the value in an online presence as well as offer the service of securing an online showcase within the same company. With The Socialite we produce content on a daily basis and offer interviews and features ranging from SA fashion and lifestyle to local and international entertainment and have thus created a loyal readership. We have then sourced and created a video production crew which allows us to shoot and edit Video Showcases to be uploaded to The Socialite allowing clients to feature their events and concerts or launches to our readers as well as members of the general public and to their own clients.

We also offer clients the service of producing and uploading Fashion Shoots and Fashion Look Books, Product Catalogues and Event Listings. The Socialite has also become the official blog for the Durban 2022 Commonwealth Games and has a dedicated category to it on The Socialite website.

How does use Social Media?

I believe that social media is vital to any campaign and for sharing content and so we update our social media platforms on a daily basis which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Clients have the option to be marketed through our various platforms as well as on the website itself.

A great website is…

…dedicated to showcasing authentic, engaging and interesting content. After all you’re only as great as you’re last post.

Your favourite way to spend a weekend in Durban?

If it’s great weather then you’ll find me at the beach or poolside and during the evenings I love going for dinners with my friends or entertaining at home. A little shopping here and there doesn’t hurt too; I am The Socialite after all…

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