Interview with Tracy Lee Goldstone, Flash Fit Fab

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6th September 2018
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Interview with Tracy Lee Goldstone, Flash Fit Fab


This month we chat to Tracy Lee Goldstone, owner of wellness blog Flash Fit Fab, aimed at people who are passionate about Life, Food and Yoga. Having experienced several ups and downs with her blog over the years, she has some very valuable lessons to share with aspiring bloggers and is more excited than ever to be back and doing what she loves. As she puts it: “for the love of feeling fabulous.”

Describe yourself in 1 sentence

I’m driven, passionate, creative and adventurous.

I cannot start my day without…

Super Fuel Bulletproof banting coffee – check my blog for the recipe

What made you decide to start your blog, Flash Fit Fab?

I wanted to be a journalist. But after studying and then interning at a local daily newspaper, I couldn’t get a position. So I wandered off into several other directions for a few years before blogging became a part of my life.

I was actually on holiday overseas when I decided to start my first blog. I wanted to share my personal journey and some of my lifestyle and travel experiences, while inspiring others to lead their own happy, healthy and fulfilling lives

Describe the ideal Flash Fit Fab reader

As a wellness and lifestyle blog, Flash Fit Fab will appeal to a vast audience. I hope to reach anyone interested in feeling fabulous by leading a healthy lifestyle and learning to trust and be kind to yourself.

I love what I do because…

I have a platform from where I can share what inspires me in the hope of inspiring others. Every day is an opportunity to experience, learn or create something new, and I enjoy emerging from some of the daily challenges richer with knowledge and experience. Plus I can work from anywhere.

The biggest challenges I’ve experienced as a blogger were…

Figuring out how to get started at first, and then having to start from scratch after having had all my blogs hacked and erased. I was pretty heart-broken after having put so much work into creating my blogs. In the end I had to change hosting providers and then start to rebuild from the bottom up. I am so thankful that I took that step and made the effort.

Also, as a blogger one performs several roles, usually delegated to a large staff in bigger businesses. In my little business however, I am everything: the web designer and developer, the content creator, head of marketing, social media manager, photographer, copy editor. I enjoy honing my skills as a blogger, but it can become quite challenging when you have so many hats to wear!

Most important lessons learnt

  1. Backup everything. Securely and regularly.
  2. Secure your data and access to your accounts with complicated and encrypted passwords
  3. Don’t be a perfectionist

How do you work with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to monetize a blog. It also enables bloggers to serve readers by sharing reviews and suggestions, or promoting campaigns that they may be interested in. I want my audience to trust me, so I only promote campaigns that I believe in. Beautiful bright and bold banners seem to attract a lot more interest, as do deeplinks within my content.

What analytical tools do you use to measure the performance of your blog/ads?

I love analytics! That’s where it all gets exciting because you can track exactly how your audience receives and engages with your content. I check reports daily on Google Analytics and Jetpack, as well as all my social media analytics tools. I also enjoy checking in with my affiliate marketing reports, and if I see that some ads are performing better than others I make the necessary adjustments to boost engagement.

Any tips for readers who want to shake off winter and welcome Spring feeling Fab-ulous? J

Get inspired, get creative and trust yourself.  We all know what’s best for ourselves, we just have to turn our attention inwards and listen carefully. I draw inspiration from yoga and reading. Sometimes it’s enough to just close my eyes and take in the moment, other times I have to try harder. Either way, life is a gift, so enjoy your present! Have a Flash Fit Fab-ulous Spring! Namaste.

Visit Tracy’s blog:

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