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24th February 2016
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24th February 2016
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Interview with Carla Kelly, MILK


Our February profile is Carla Kelly, owner and MD of MILK , a creatively lead digital agency specializing in digital design & development, social media strategy & platform management and eCommerce. With clients like Oreo, British American Tobacco and Rupert & Rothschild, she gives us the low-down on what clients expect from their agencies these days, and what exactly it means to be at the forefront of Digital.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the diversity, across all areas from industry, to clients to job requirements.  Its keeps us on our toes and keeps us dynamic as one solution doesn’t fit all briefs and we have to be constantly thinking.

Summarise a typical work day in 3 words.

Schedule, create, conceptualise.

Good design is…

Seamlessly integrated into our daily lives – it gives a sense of calm.

What are the main things clients expect from their agency?

Transparency, knowledge and communication. Integrity (kind of goes with transparency), capability (talk vs deliver), value proposition.

2 must-have digital assets for any brand getting started in online?

Digital assets are dependent on the brand and the objectives they are trying to achieve. One solution is not always right for another. With the choice of digital communication these days it is important to find a digital solution right for the brand whether it be a website booking system aiming to automate bookings, to a campaign-based micro site or social media strategy. We aim to find a digital solution that is in line with the business objectives that can/will deliver results.

What makes MILK stand out from other digital agencies?

MILK’s USP lies in our personal, relationship-first approach. Our clients are our friends and become a part of our family.  e strive to become embedded in their business providing knowledge, insight and quality to all areas that we are involved in. We have the ability to listen and interpret requirements accurately and offer value-add services beyond the basic offering of a web design product.

What are the key metrics that most clients use to measure the performance of their digital campaigns?

Measurement metrics are different for each campaign. Typical metrics could include engagement rate,  total impressions, leads, conversion rates, click-through rates, website traffic, to name a few.

Why aren’t brands allocating more of their marketing budgets to online/digital?

Many brands have already taken the plunge into digital with marketing managers now seeing digital marketing as a profit centre as opposed to a cost. That being said, a lot of people still don’t understand digital or how its presence in the marketing mix can elevate a brand’s perception.

The most successful campaign/project you’ve ever worked on was…

The #WonderfilledFestiveMoments campaign harnessed great reach and engagement. Our festive posts had a reach of 186MM after serving 273MM total impressions. The average engagement rate for posts over the period was 3.92% which is well over our markets industry average of 1% and outperformed some of our other recent local campaigns. We successfully engaged over 3M users.

What does it mean for any business to be at the forefront of digital these days?

By harnessing the power of digital marketing and successfully integrating your digital activities into a brand or company’s overall objectives consumers are able to experience a brand/company on a personal level, with the outcome being that brands will remain top-of-mind and ultimately integrate with the consumer’s lifestyle.

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