What is Performance Marketing?

Performance-based marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more publishers for each visitor or customer brought about by the publisher's marketing efforts. For example, an advertiser runs a campaign to sell electronics online, and offers to pay 15% commission to the publisher for each sale. AdMarula facilitates this process by, a) providing a system and marketplace that connects online advertisers and publishers, and b) assisting with the tracking, management and administration of affiliate programs.

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Pay publishers for transactions delivered by the publisher (e.g. clicks, leads or sales)

Promote the advertiser’s offer on a pay-for-performance basis on their blog, website, Facebook page or to their email database.

Sarah searches the web and lands on a Publisher’s website/blog/FB page promoting the Advertiser’s offer.

Sarah clicks on the offer, is taken to the Advertiser’s website, and makes a purchase. AdMarula tracks the whole process to ensure the commission is attributed and paid to the relevant publisher.

How to get started

First we discuss what your product/offer/objectives are so we can choose a campaign model or combination that’s just right. Then we discuss your budget or payout rate, upload your creative and test that the tracking is working 100%. Finally, your program is promoted to our publisher network. Publishers will apply to run one or more programs, and once approved they can start to earn commission. You choose your budget and how to structure your campaign to best suit your offer. There are three different models to choose from: (read more about each of these by clicking on the above menu)
CPM (Cost per mille or 1000 impressions)

CPM literally means ‘cost per mille’, or cost per 1,000 impressions. This type of campaign model is suitable for advertisers wishing to increase online brand awareness. The benefit is that you will know exactly how many times your ad has been shown over a certain time. A good idea is to run your CPM campaign alongside other online or off-line activities for maximum impact. Calculating the cost for a CPM campaign is easy. For example, displaying your ad 10,000 times at a CPM rate of R200, will cost R2,000 (10,000 / 1,000 x 200). CPM rates vary, and can be anything from R120 to R450, depending largely on the industry you operate in and the sites your banner is displayed on. You can of course choose the time period over which you want your impressions to be distributed, by setting a daily cap. Once the cap for that day has been reached, your banner will not be displayed again until the next day. This will continue until it has been shown a total of 10,000 times.

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CPC (Cost per click)

CPC stands for ‘cost per click’, and is probably the most well-known form of search advertising. This model has been around for several years and is used by many advertisers these days to drive traffic to their website, and for lead generation. The benefit is that the advertiser knows exactly how many clicks the ad has received, and through proper tracking the results from a CPC campaign can be linked to online leads and sales. According to statistics the average cost per click in South Africa is in the range of R5, although in reality this can vary a lot from industry to industry. It is not uncommon to have CPC rates that start as low as R2 per click, and we know of campaigns that have earned over R100 per click! The key is to offer what you feel a click is worth to your business, and to remember that the more attractive your CPC rate, the more affiliates are likely to run your campaign.

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CPA (Cost per action / Cost per acquisition)

CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ or ‘cost per acquisition’- also known as the holy grail of online advertising. In a CPA campaign the advertiser only pays when a desired action has occurred, which is why this is arguably the most cost efficient form of online advertising. The actions could range from a user completing an online form, subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. With the CPA model, the advertiser pays the publisher either a flat fee, or a percentage (commission) of the value of each sale, for each action generated.

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