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6th August 2018
Interview with Robyn Thomas,
6th August 2018
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Creativity vs Performance


As a performance-marketing network we are in a unique position – we get to partner with all the different user groups within the digital marketing ecology, from brands and creative agencies to publishers, tech providers and other performance-marketing companies. By definition our main focus is (and should be) helping our clients to run successful, performance-based online campaigns. But does that mean creativity should be left out of the mix?

It has long been known that in advertising, where people’s eyeballs go, ad-spend follows. This is ultimately the driving factor behind the rise of digital advertising. As people engage more and more through digital channels, the amount of brands and advertisers attempting to reach their audience increases. Brands and advertisers must therefore create memorable experiences for audiences. Enter creativity.

Truly beautiful campaigns drive engagement. With consumers seeing an estimated 4,000 ads per day, a brand has to be able to stand out to be remembered, or risk being lost within the blur of other advertising. It’s important that campaign KPIs are set to prioritise both time in view and engagement, which are closely connected to recall in audiences.

However, there’s no point creating a beautiful advert, and then placing it somewhere it’s never going to be seen. To effectively connect with a prospect, advertisers must remember that the place a consumer intersects with a message is every bit as important as the message itself. This fact tends to have a profound impact on creative development.

It’s becoming more about the quality of the placement, rather than purely focusing on the number of impressions that can be purchased for the lowest price. For brands, working with premium affiliates can offer a certain guarantee and brand safety, which cannot be secured when using certain advertising exchanges. By working with quality publishers, advertisers can ensure that they’re purchasing a placement that complements the advertising they’ve created.

But creativity encompasses many aspects. It doesn’t just mean designing a beautiful or catching ad – it’s about thinking outside the box, changing one’s mindset and approach to formulating a campaign, putting yourself in the customer’s seat and figuring out what will ‘wow’ them. It’s a variable in motion, a moving target.

In conclusion, for a campaign to be successful there are several puzzle pieces that need to fall in place, from the message/content, the SEO, the targeting, supporting channels, to the timing and placement and finally the magic element of creativity – to stand out from the masses – and when this happens, performance naturally follows.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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