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7th December 2015
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8th December 2015
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And that’s a wrap…or is it?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, we are now in the first half of December, and although you may think you are the only one still running about like a headless chicken trying to finish your Christmas shopping, don’t. Statistics show that nearly 20% of holiday shoppers do their shopping in the first half of December, while the very organised 31% of the population (like my wife) already did theirs in November (and don’t forget the 3% ‘last-minute’ type – like myself – who do theirs in the shortest time possible the week before!). Some more interesting stats show that apparently a third of shoppers will spend two hours planning what to buy, while one in ten will devote ten hours of thinking time to plot where to get the best deals (!).

Men are likely to spend more on presents than women, but women will put more thought into their gift buying with one in ten spending up to 14 days trawling for the ideal item, compared to just 3% of men who are prepared to put in some legwork.








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With Christmas decorations donning shop windows since beginning of October, there have been groans and moans about the selling and advertising starting too early. Wikipedia defines this as “Christmas Creep”. Although it’s understandable that this may annoy some people, from a retailer’s point of view it makes a lot of sense (as you can see from the infographic at the end of this article), as some people do start shopping well before the “traditional shopping season” which means there is an argument for retailers to provide these buyers with products and deals.

Luckily my family keeps Christmas presents very low key. In fact, this year we’re doing a Secret Santa. Everyone only buys one gift (kids allowed two) and only receives one gift, and the budget is R50. So there you have it. No Hugo Boss shirts or iPhone 6S for me under the tree this year, but then again it’s the thoughts that counts 😉 .

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or another religious holiday, we wish all our clients, publishers, employees and friends a happy and safe festive season.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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