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In September the annual dmexco (Europe’s largest expo for the digital industry) took place in Cologne, Germany. Of course all the big networks and names were there. Zanox, Europe’s largest affiliate network, hosted an interesting session on the ’10 Dos for Advertiser Programmes’ and I thought it would be useful to share some of this with you.

1.) Affiliate is a sales channel and therefore requires a ‘marketing mind-set’ with clear KPIs to ensure your activity is strategic and effective.

2.) Make sure that the affiliate department has sufficient decision-making powers. The team/affiliate manager need to be able to create and execute campaigns with ease, as well as be able to tailor and change them for certain publishers if necessary.

3.) Treat the affiliate channel equal to other channels in the marketing mix. It should be used in tandem with your other channels, not as an inferior ‘add-on’.

4.) Secure sufficient skilled personal resource. Try to appoint someone with experience in the affiliate channel with setting up and managing the programme. If this isn’t possible, then ensure they are given adequate training.

5.) Learn about publisher models and establish a publisher strategy. There are a range of different publisher types with varying methods to generate leads and sales for your business.

6.) Stay flexible. The affiliate channel is one that is constantly evolving, with new technological developments from both publishers and networks. So while it’s key to have a strategy in place, leave room for new models and ways of working with publishers.

7.) Have a clear voucher code strategy. Do your research and make sure you understand how publishers work with vouchers and how this fits in with your business.

8.) Establish clear communication with your publisher partners through your network Account Manager. If a publisher isn’t able to rely on you, they will take their promotions elsewhere.

9.) Ensure tracking is in place on mobile. It’s crucial that the mobile versions of your shop and your app can track affiliate sales, to prevent you losing out.

10.) Listen to publishers’ feedback. Your publishers are the ‘men on the ground’ so to speak as they deal directly with your customers.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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