12th September 2017

New program! Cape Coffee Beans

Cape Coffee Beans is a business built to serve coffee lovers all across South Africa offering everything from freshly roasted coffee beans, brewing equipment, and coffee […]
12th September 2017

Wearables – the next big advertising opportunity?

As far as wearable tech gadgets go I must confess that I am right up there with the first adopters. No matter how hard I try […]
12th September 2017

Interview with Sylvia Klopper, CareChamp

This month we chat to Sylvia Klopper,business woman, dynamic entrepreneur, speaker and named one of Cosmopolitan’s ‘Fun and Fearless Females’; founder of subscription e-commerce businesses Rubybox.co.za […]
12th September 2017

Wearables marketing for publishers

Wearable tech items made their appearance a few years ago and can offer marketers a wide range of opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. Wearable tech products are […]