AdMarula is a specialist performance marketing network, trusted by some of South Africa’s biggest brands. We connect advertisers with approved publishers to increase online revenue using PPC, lead generation and revenue share campaigns – unlocking the potential of performance-driven online marketing for your business.

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Did you know?

Global digital ad spending is expected to grow by 17.1% in 2019 to $327.28 billion.


About us

AdMarula was founded by Daniel Gross and Daniel Bernholc, a Swedish duo with backgrounds in system development and financing of early-stage tech businesses. Amongst his previous roles, Bernholc was formerly the CTO at TradeDoubler, one of Europe’s largest and most successful performance marketing networks, while Daniel Gross has gained extensive experience in working with tech start-ups across Europe, the US and Israel.

After spending some time in the country and speaking to various players in the industry, they identified a need for a new network in South Africa, where the online landscape is in a very exciting phase and advertisers need more flexible and transparent options than the traditional advertising route. So in early 2011 they joined up with a local investor and started AdMarula.

Our aim is to be a truly Southern African performance marketing partner for businesses and affiliates, to increase understanding and awareness of affiliate marketing, and bring transparency to the industry.

We always appreciate comments and feedback on how we can help improve our business and the industry.

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