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eBizRadio interviews AdMarula CEO, Daniel Gross

ebiz radioClick here to listen to a podcast of eBizRadio’s Nic Snow interviewing AdMarula CEO, Daniel Gross, on the ins and outs of Performance Marketing, how it can help online merchants increase their revenue, and where it fits into the overall marketing strategy.



Interview with Gary Novitzkas,

Gary-Novitzkas_portraitLast month we had the pleasure to interview Gary Novitzkas, CEO at, South Africa’s leading vitamin, supplement, sports nutrition and weight management e-tailer. Their product line includes vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition and weight management brands targeting moms, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. He tells us more about Juniva, their product strategy, and the most important things he’s learned from having launched several successful e-commerce initiatives over the past few years.

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What is Performance Marketing?

Daniel-Gross-Mar15I get asked a lot “but what is Performance Marketing?”. Before, the success of an online campaign would ultimately be measured by the click-through rate, and if you were one of the lucky and sophisticated few, you could track that back to your website visits, maybe even your leads and sales volumes and draw some sort of conclusion. Fast-forward a few years and the word ‘performance’ has now become commonplace in most digital marketing discussions. But while many like to say they work on a performance –based model, true Performance Marketing is exactly what it says: achievement and fulfillment. Not delivery.

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Welcome Captain Morgan!

Captain-Morgan-logoAdMarula welcomes Captain Morgan to the network with their Captain O’ Clock campaign. The much loved brand of rum is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan.As part of the campaign they are giving away R5 airtime so participants can rally their crew to take things next level at Captain O’Clock! Users simply fill in their details to claim their free airtime. Only one voucher may be redeemed per person. CPL program.

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Drive Dry launches declaration campaign

drive-dry-logoAdMarula welcomes Drive Dry to the network with their ‘Declare & Win!’ campaign. Drive Dry was launched seven years ago with the objective of changing consumer behaviours and attitudes towards drinking and driving. The concept is to drive dry or not drive at all. People can declare whether they will be “driving and NOT drinking” or “drinking and NOT driving” and in doing so, stand a chance to win a fantastic prize giveaway. CPL program.

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