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Interview with Karen Loxton Cairns from

Karen-Loxton-CairnsLadies, hold on to your shoes! This month we meet fashion entrepreneur and shoe blogger, Karen Loxton Cairns, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at In addition to being awarded “Best Fashion Blog” at the 2013 South African Blog Awards, The Daily Shoe has also received accolades by fashion guru Craig Jacobs in The Sunday Times, been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and appeared at Africa Fashion Week. Read the full interview.

A bigger voice

daniel-gross-july14Performance Marketing (PM) is still a fairly unknown channel in South Africa – even though it has been around for nearly a decade. Why is that? Perhaps because advertisers who are advocates of PM do not always speak up about the success the channel brings them. Many brands are reluctant to engage in PR and case studies about their advertising success as they fear that they have discovered a ‘secret ingredient’ that their competitors have not, and that by disclosing this ingredient they will lose their competitive edge. However, this is not the case as every brand’s ideal customer is different and successful brands are now targeting audiences of one instead of the masses. Read the full article.

AdMarula welcomes Future Light

Future LightsFuture Light is South Africa’s largest online LED Store offering a wide range of high quality, yet affordable LED Lighting products to a wide range of customers. LED Lights are a relatively new electronic light source that uses a fraction of the electricity traditional light sources use, resulting in 50%+ electricity savings. CPA program

Publishers can apply now.

Online & Offline – the perfect couple

Daniel-Gross-Jun14Successful marketing is all about consistency. Companies spend a large percentage of their profits each year on marketing their businesses online and offline. However, in order to get the full benefit of their marketing spend, it’s imperative that offline activities are integrated with their online presence. If for example a potential customer sees an ad in a newspaper for your company, but it doesn’t have your web address on it, he/she won’t know where to go to obtain further information about the product or offer. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that what you say online, is in line with what you do offline.

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June profile: Jacques Henning,

jacques-henningThis month we meet Jacques Henning from The Yellow Cap, winner of Best Sports Blog at the 2013 South African Blog Awards. And with the 2014 Football World Cup under way, what better way to get some insight into what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ at one of the country’s busiest sports blogs. He tells us why he got into blogging, how he works with social media and who he thinks will win the 2014 Football World Cup.

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