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AdMarula supports Santa Shoebox

santa-shoeboxIn the wonderful spirit of ‘the season of giving’, AdMarula is supporting The Santa Shoebox Project. The organisation originated in Cape Town and has grown from distributing a humble 180 boxes in 2006 to a record 118,274 in 2013 to less fortunate children. The boxes are distributed to more than 1,000 recipient facilities, through more than 60 satellites around South Africa and Namibia.

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Listerine® launches 21 Days Challenge campaign

Listerine-Logo250We welcome Listerine® to the network with their ’21 Days Challenge’ campaign. Listerine® has been dedicated to oral hygiene for over a century with their range of antiseptic mouthwash products to help fight sensitivity, gum disease, tooth decay and tips for maintaining oral hygiene. In this campaign they offer customers to take up challenges and test how Listerine® can improve their oral hygiene.

What do customers need to do in order to participate?

1. Sign up for the challenge
2. Confirm their participation
3. Complete their daily missions
4. Stand a chance to win a tablet

Publishers can now apply to promote this campaign!

Are you ready?

Carloline-Pourteyron-Nov14Christmas is around the corner and during this busy period, e-commerces and publishers alike need to make sure they are 100% ready. A big part of merchants’ revenue is coming from the sales made during the festive season. In some instances, 20-40% of merchant’s annual revenue is made during this period (  On the publisher side, AdMarula saw a 30% increase in commission paid to publishers for November 2013 compared to the monthly average. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the festive season.

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Not all that different

Daniel-Gross-Nov14I was lucky enough to attend the annual Performance Marketing Conference in London on the 28th and 29th October, hosted by Performancein. As expected, all the big European networks, retailers, publishers and technology providers within the PM space were there. Topics ranged from current trends, SEO and user segmentation, to RTB (real-time bidding), social hubs, new channels and of course BIG DATA. I especially enjoyed motivational speaker and ex-Vegas poker player, Caspar Berry’s keynote speech on the topic of “Making Calculated and Purposeful Risks in Business”, and Alex Hunter, ex-Global Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group, on “How to Consider the Human Side of Digital Loyalty”. Read the full article.

Interview with TK from FGX Studios

Last month we had a chat to TK, Currently Head of the SEO Division at FGX Studios. A Google enthusiast and passionate about driving targeted traffic through organic search and PPC, he has helped many companies benefit from their digital marketing strategies.

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