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New Program! Ballo Sunglasses

Ballo Wooden SunglassesBallo wooden sunglasses are handmade in Woodstock, Cape Town. Polarised, made from environmentally friendly recycled paper and timber, and compatible with RX or prescription lenses, the future looks bright with Ballo. CPA program.

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New Program! Boardriders is the online store for exclusive lifestyle brands, & Each providing people with a connection to the outdoors, beyond sport-related equipment and apparel. CPA program.

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New Program! Travelsafe

TravelsafeTravelsafe offers an interface where travelers are able to purchase travel insurance products directly from Hepstar, an authorised and specialist insurance solutions provider. CPA program.

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New Program! Rainfin

Rainfin logoAdMarula welcomes Rainfin, an online lending marketplace that facilitates loans to consumers and businesses and offers investors an opportunity to finance the loans. Their goal is to change the lending industry and make it more efficient, cost effective and transparent by lowering the operational costs and operating in a predominantly online environment. CPL & CPA program.

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New Program! Car Hire Excess

Car Hire ExcessAdMarula welcomes Car Hire Excess, a reimbursement insurance product which allows customers to claim back the excess amount charged by their car hire company. All of this is backed up by an easy to use, secure online shopping experience, quick delivery, and an unmatched 30-day free returns policy. CPA program.

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